I Love Pointless Formations Mug

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The recruiter sold you on shooting, big explosions, and jumping out airplanes. But what you got instead were pointless formations for hours while you wait around for the dickhead C.O.

It's a fact of military life: So why not celebrate it? Show your undying love for standing in a formation waiting for the first sergeant, C.O., or general to arrive. This 11oz coffee mug would be great for you, or even better: Throw it on your first sergeant's desk as a joke.

He'll probably agree.

As Duffel Blog has reported in the past, random, pointless formations are tied to increase in combat performance and morale.

“A direct correlation between the number of random, pointless formations the units had been conducting per day and how many IED strikes, casualties, and enemies killed was found. Basically, the more the better. Formations saved lives and helped these troops to kill more Taliban.”