The Official E-4 Mafia Shirt

The Official E-4 Mafia Shirt

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The E-4 Mafia urges you to "see nothing, say nothing."


Known by their specialist rank — aka the "sham shield" — soldiers among the E-4 Mafia "play a vital role in our military. One day, you too may need something fast, with no questions asked. So remember: see nothing, say nothing.”


Besides their amazing ability to acquire all kinds of military equipment, do as little work as possible, and book dental appointments 8 times per week, the E-4 Mafia lives by its creed: 


"No one gets away with more than I. I am a non Non-Commissioned Officer, a beast of burden. As a junior enlisted soldier I realize that I am a member of an under-appreciated, much chastised group of soldiers which is known as the ribcage, or perhaps pancreas, of the Army."