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Duffel Blog combat pensmanship badge sticker

Duffel Blog combat pensmanship badge sticker

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Prepare your gear for an upgrade with Duffel Blog's Combat Penmanship Badge Stickers — the ultimate insignia for warriors of wit and wordsmiths on the frontline of humor!

These are not your average stickers. They're tactical and tenacious.

Rapid Deployment: Fast and easy bubble-free application, because nobody has time for an air strike of bubbles on their gear.

Resilient Recon: Made of durable vinyl that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life in the trenches of your office or the frontline of the university library.

Specs: 95µ density — because if you're going to measure toughness, you measure it in microns.

Before you stick it to the man (or your laptop, let’s be real), make sure the surface is cleaner than a recruit's new boots. These Combat Penmanship Badge Stickers are your go-to for declaring allegiance to the cause of satirical service. You made it!
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“They’ve made a lot of fun of me, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”

James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense