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Duffel Blog sherpa blanket

Duffel Blog sherpa blanket

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Get ready to be wrapped in the embrace of the Duffel Blog Sherpa Blanket, the snuggliest tactical gear you'll ever own. It's so soft and comfy it's practically unauthorized for field use — because let's face it, if your first sergeant knew how cozy this was, they'd confiscate it for themselves.

Let's break down the specs of your new favorite piece of non-issued kit:

Covert Comfort Composition: 100% polyester fibers, because nothing says "embrace the suck" like a blanket that doesn't.

Dual-Fabric Defense: Featuring 51.5% surface fabric for that sleek look and 48.5% sherpa fabric for warmth, like a two-layered defense against the arctic chill of the AC or the bleak midwinter.

Fabric Fortification: With a smooth side fabric weighing in at 6.49 oz/yd² (220g/m²) and a sherpa side at a plush 7.08 oz/yd² (240g/m²), this blanket is your first line of defense against the cold.

Whether you're staging a sofa sit-in, bivouacking on the recliner, or just need some extra warmth while drafting your next article on military tech, this sherpa blanket has got you covered. It's not just a blanket; it's a fluffy fortress of solitude.
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“They’ve made a lot of fun of me, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”

James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense