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Duffel Blog wrapping paper sheets

Duffel Blog wrapping paper sheets

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Whether you're wrapping up a "Black Rifle Chai" mug for your favorite NCO or a suck it up straw for that buddy who always has a "bad knee," the Duffel Blog wrapping paper sheets are your go-to for inciting chuckles before the gift even gets unwrapped.

Here's the intel on these top-secret message carriers:

Size: Each sheet is 28.75″ × 19.75″ — ample coverage for those odd-shaped "it's definitely not a bottle of whiskey" gifts.
Thickness: Comes in a 70# uncoated text, which in civilian speak means "sturdy enough to keep the mystery alive but compliant for easy wrapping."
Printing: Single-sided to keep them guessing, with a sleek, white reverse side that screams "Classified Contents."
Finish: Matte, because nothing says "I put thought into this" like a non-reflective surface.
Packaging: A strategic set of 3 sheets, so you're always prepared for any gifting mission that comes your way.
Origin: Sourced from the good ol' US of A, because what's more patriotic than wrapping a present?

Deck out your buddy's retirement gift, jazz up that care package, or make someone's promotion feel like a Medal of Honor ceremony. With Duffel Blog wrapping paper, your gift is the one they won't want to open because the outside is already a hit.
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“They’ve made a lot of fun of me, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”

James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense