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Duffel Blog Logo embroidered beanie

Duffel Blog Logo embroidered beanie

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When the temperature drops, it's time to suit up in the ultimate piece of headgear – the Duffel Blog logo embroidered beanie. This isn't just a hat, folks; it's a cranial hug from your favorite military satire site.

Whether you're braving a chilly morning run or just trying to hide that high-and-tight gone wrong, this beanie's got you covered. Literally.

Material: A tactical blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, because your noggin deserves the best.
Breathability: Like the crisp morning air of PT, but for your head.
Fit: Like the best intel, it's form-fitting and on-point.
Size: One size to rule them all, because we know 'standard issue' actually has to fit.

So, go ahead and crown yourself with the Duffel Blog beanie – perfect for those who want to keep their ears warm while staying cool under pressure. It's not just a beanie; it's a statement that you're in on the joke. Keep your head up and a smirk on your face, soldier.
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“They’ve made a lot of fun of me, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”

James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense