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Duffel Blog pint glass

Duffel Blog pint glass

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Raise a glass to humor, satire, and a little bit of that military spirit with the Duffel Blog pint glass. This isn't just any old drinking vessel; it's a 16 oz tribute to the finest traditions of service: camaraderie, storytelling, and maybe a little bit of embellishing those stories.

Features That Make This Glass a Must-Have:

Material: Crafted from glass because your beverage deserves a vessel as transparent as a drill sergeant's instructions (but maybe easier to swallow).
Capacity: Holds 16 oz (473 ml) of your favorite brew, be it a frosty beer or a perfectly mixed Hooah! juice.
Versatility: Not just for downing a cold one, but a trusty ally in mixing up cocktails. It's like the multi-tool of glassware.
Design: Simple yet durable, much like the best military plans. It's got a no-fuss attitude with a resilience to match.
Handmade Heritage: Each glass may sport tiny imperfections like bubbles and dots, a reminder that the best things in life, like military stories, aren't perfect.

Remember, this glass isn’t for the dishwasher or microwave — much like that one piece of gear you've got that's too special for rough handling. So whether you're toasting a successful mission, a promotion, or just another day in the ranks, the Duffel Blog pint glass has got your six. Here's to the stories, the laughs, and the memories yet to be made. Cheers!
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“They’ve made a lot of fun of me, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”

James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense