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E-4 Mafia Sticker

E-4 Mafia Sticker

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Represent the backbone of the military with the E-4 Mafia sticker – a must-have for any enlisted wizard who knows the true power behind the rank. This isn't just a sticker; it's a symbol of resourcefulness, resilience, and the occasional skirting of regulations that defines the legendary E-4 life.

Features That Make This Sticker a Must-Have:

Material: Made from durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl, because it needs to be as tough and dependable as an E-4 on a mission.
Opacity: You can't see through this film, much like the mystery of how E-4s get things done.
Application: Fast and easy, bubble-free application – sticks as smoothly as an E-4 slips out of unwanted duties.
Durability: With a 95µ density, this sticker is as enduring as the E-4 Mafia’s reputation.
Versatility: Perfect for regular use on laptops, water bottles, or the side of your locker – anywhere you need to show off your E-4 pride (just maybe keep it off the Sergeant Major’s car).

Before you apply, remember to clean the surface like it's an inspection day. Whether you’re active duty, a veteran, or just in the know about the inner workings of military life, the E-4 Mafia sticker is the perfect way to pay homage to the unofficial rulers of the enlisted ranks. Slap it on and show the world that while the rank might not make the news, it definitely makes the military move.
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“They’ve made a lot of fun of me, and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”

James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense